The Death Star looms over the moon known as "Endor". The rebels are attacking the deadly weapon before it is finished being built. The Rebel alliance must survive waves of fighters and turbolasers. The rebels on the ground have destroyed the shield generator. The Death Star must be destroyed. But will the Empire prevail and annihilate the Rebellion?  
Each player will be randomly placed into a list from first to last with the first player choosing their desired pilot and ship first. All players will take turns choosing their desired pilot and ships each round until all desired Pilots and ships are off the board. Each round will rotate allowing the last place player to draft first and so on. Once a Pilot (ex:Soontir Fel) is "drafted" off the board, no other player may field that pilot in their squad. 
*Players may include any number of generic ships (ex:Tie/ln Academy pilot) in their squads. Generic's do not need to be drafted to field in a squad list.*
Standard tournament set up and play using swiss style rounds.
Every player for themselves. Fly into the cornucopia and upgrade your ship. Make Alliances. Be the last ship flying.
*custom X-Wing rules applied*
This is the CAPA Cup's second chance tournament for those who didn't make top 8 in the main X-Wing tournament.
Scoring will be :
1 point per win
3 rounds of swiss
Standard X-Wing gameplay rules.

"Have you ever wanted to save the Rebellion from the terror of the Death Star?  Ever wondered how it would feel to crush the Rebellion in one stroke?  Play the Death Star Trench Run Scenario, a true-to-cinematic game played on a 3-D board, complete with surface and trench turbolasers.


Designed for 4-8 players, the Death Star Trench Run Scenario puts players in head-to-head action in a battle to attack the thermal exhaust port on the Empire's superweapon before it can fire, obliterating the Rebel base on Yavin 4.  Play on the surface of the Death Star, destroying turbolasers and engaging Imperial TIE/lns, or drop into the trench to make your run into Rebel history.  Vader and his wingmen are waiting..."

Standard X-Wing gameplay rules.

You awake to being on a small platform, you last remember being taking by stormtroopers.

"Welcome to the arena rebel scum, You have been found to be guilty."

"You will fight other Rebel scum to the death for the right to live the Emperor is a kind leader and gives you a chance to earn your freedom."


The arena must be a 4 X 3 and have a decent amount of terrain on your table.

You are represented by 1 rebel trooper model that must be standing

You have no weapons but your hands which is a white dice, you have white defense dice, you have 3 wounds and 2 courage value.

You have the normal actions but you can search for an item if you are next to a piece of terrain but you can only have 2 hands.

You only win you are the last one alive


The most fluid of the new Destiny play formats, the Trilogy format uses an aggressive rotation policy to remain as welcoming as possible to newer players and casual leagues.


The Trilogy format consists solely of the most recent cycle and all products that are part of an unreleased cycle.


The Battle Royale format is a 1-hour, multiplayer event. In this event, you will bring ONLY ONE (1) NON-UNIQUE CHARACTER to pit against multiple opponents in a last man standing format. The NON-UNIQUE CHARACTER will be ELITE using 2 character dice.


Event Structure:

At the start of each game a common battlefield will be provided for use during the game.


Players will roll off and the winner of the roll will determine which player will start with the provided battlefield.

Each player that did not start with the battlefield begins the game with a shield

Players will track each point of damage they deal.

The winner of the event is the player who has accumulated the highest combined point total.


Deck Building:

Deck Building Each player must include exactly 1 non-unique character in their deck.

Players will treat their characters as elite (meaning they will have 2 dice).

Each player’s deck must contain exactly 20 cards. The contents of the cards in your deck must match the color and affiliation of your character. (PLEASE NOTE: THIS MEANS YOU MAY ONLY INCLUDE NEUTRAL AND GREY CARDS IN YOUR DECK IF YOUR CHARACTER IS NEUTRAL ALIGNMENT OR GREY COLORED)

DO NOT BRING A BATTLEFIELD. The battlefield will be provided at the event.

Players may not include plots in their deck.


Banned cards:

* Kylo Ren’s Starfighter

* Separatist Landing Craft

*Jump to Lightspeed

* Snare

*Climate Disruption Array




Players take actions clockwise around the play area, starting with the first player.

All players must consecutively pass to end the round.

Only one person can claim the battlefield at a time.

When a card’s text refers to an opponent, the player using the ability chooses which opponent it affects.

If a cards text refers to your opponents or all opponents it affects everyone else in your game

Player Elimination:

If a player’s character is defeated that player is immediately eliminated from the game.

Any cards and dice controlled by the eliminated player are removed from the game.

Any cards and dice that are owned by the eliminated player but are currently controlled by another player remain until the end of the game or when the controlling player is eliminated.

A player is not eliminated by running out of cards in deck and hand. A player may lose all cards in their hand and deck and continue playing until their character is defeated or the game is over. If the eliminated player controlled the battlefield it is returned to the game uncontrolled.

When a player is eliminated the other players continue playing until there is only one player left in the game or time is called.

End of Game Scoring:

At the end of each round a player will receive 1 pt for each damage they deal to cards controlled by their opponents.

Damage that is blocked is still considered to have been dealt for the purposes of tracking; however, players will not include damage dealt beyond a character's max hit points.


Going to time:

When time is called in a game any remaining players finish the current round.

At the end of that round if there is still more than one player remaining 1st place will be given to the remaining player who has dealt the most damage during that game.

In the event of a tie, the player that controls the battlefield will receive the top disputed spot.



Single Game Archon Triad

Archon Reversal

Archon Solo

Sealed Solo

Modified Sealed Auction

*Side events will have running sign ups all weekend and events will fire as soon as there are enough players